impact claire has made on others

“Claire Bowerman will make your production the best it can be. As an actress she has the ability to connect through camera in a very genuine way. Her warm personality and charm naturally shine through. From a technical perspective, she takes direction very well and is very flexible in her style with a ton of range. She “gets” the production side of the business which makes it very each on the technical crew. She is punctual, honest and dependable. I will hire her again and strongly suggest anyone looking for a stunning actress with range or killer on-camera commercial talent to hire Claire. You won’t be disappointed.”

Jim Zdancewicz, True Action an ebay company

“In the main role of Patricia …Claire Bowerman…provide(s) muchwelcomed electricity, even in the quietest moments of the play… Ms. Bowerman… is the real star here.  Her performance is riveting.  She is another of that increasingly rare breed of actress – she acts with her entire body, especially her eyes, which provide the truth behind every word and action her character says and does.  Recognizing that the play is structured to reveal things piecemeal, Bowerman’s Patricia is similarly layered and revealed.  She never gives away more than necessary, allowing the audience the full sensation of understanding. The ache of conflict she feels between her husband and her former lover is palpable, and the harsh realization that she has used her marriage to hide from her past is an exciting and heartbreaking turn of events for all concerned.  The last scene, where we finally see where it all began is all the more interesting and engrossing because Bowerman has doled out the details of Patricia’s past so beguilingly.”

James Howard,

“Claire …was a spectacular in relating to consumers and conveying business offerings and key concepts behind the emerging technology used in the solution. Her skill in playing the part of the brand character and ability to directly engage with consumers at interactive events was outstanding.”

David Williams, Platform Strategy Advisor, Microsoft

“Claire is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. She is completely engaged and contributes not just as an individual but as a caring, supportive teammate. I’ve used her as both an actor and model and in both instances she was a sure thing, capable and willing to wear more than one hat. Claire rocks! I look forward to working with her again.” October 21, 2011

Clif Brewer, Campbells

“I was so impressed with Claire as an actress that I immediately hired her for another job. Just as the first one , Claire was phenomenal in the second and my client was extremely happy with her. I would use Claire for any job that she is the right fit and have actually written campaigns based on Claire as the talent. Besides being a fabulous actress she is also an incredible person and makes everyone on the set’s job easier.”

David Trovato, AVC Productions


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